Products >> Noise Vibration and Heat Management (NVH)

   Material Type    Range    Applications
   PU Foam Ether (open and close cell)      22kg/m3 to 120kg/m3    Seals and gaskets. Comfort    applications and biocompatibility    applications. Acoustics.
   PU Foam, Ester (open and close cell)    26kg/m3 – 90 kg/m3    Water sealing
   Reticulated Filter Foams    10 ppi – 120 ppi    Air intake filters, pond and water    treatment, ceramics
   Melamine (Basotect) and    Impregnated foam     9 kg/m3    Heat and sound shields, duct    lining, Acoustics and weight    management solutions
   Polyimide Foam (Solamide)         Heat and sound shields, weight    management and high    performance applications.
   Irradiated Expanded Polyethylene    10kg/m3 – 90kg/m3    Vacuum formed solutions for    interior trim, water and acoustic    ceiling
   EVA, EPE, EPP Cross linked    composites    30 kg/m3 – 160 kg/m3    Anti-rattle, spacers and thermal    applications
   PVC Foam Closed Cell    80 kg/m3 – 350 kg/m3    Air and Water sealing applications.
   EPDM, Neoprene, Expanded    Rubbers, Nitrile    65 kg/m3 – 450 kg/m3    Vibration dampening, temperature    and heat-ageing  applications
   Low Density Polyethylene         Water resistant and sound    insulation applications.
   Fibreglass and PET insulation    45kg/m3 – 150 kg/m3    Acoustic and Thermal Applications
   Metalized, Vinyl, Felt Facings         Protective facings for acoustic    composites
   Polyester, Lumirror, Mylar         Water, noise, electrical and heat    insulation
   Polycarbonate Films          
   Polyvinyly Flouride Films